dk 8

Name/email: Mette Laursen.
School: Vonsild Sogneskole 6000 Kolding
Age: 13
Country: Denmark

1) How does your community (school, town, country) select to remember World War II? Examples: holidays, memorials, songs, movies, books…

Answers: There is made a song about the Second World War, but I don’t know what the song is called, there is also made a movie about the Second World War. I think the name of the movie is the Second World War.

2) Do you know of anyone who was involved in some aspect of the World War II? If so, what is their connection? If possible, can you send a picture?

Answers: My grandfather was in the Second World War. He worked in Saekkelund, in a court. My grandmother was also in the Second World War, she was a young housemaid in Hindsgavl Palace. When it became dark, she should cycle home. She met many soldier, they asked: “Do you live in that house?””Yes answered my grandmother. So they went away.