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Room 5, Woodville School, Woodville, New Zealand.

We are a class of year 4 students at Woodville School. Woodville School has 130 students, and is located in a small rural town. Our classroom is the oldest classroom in use in new Zealand.

MICDS, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

school.jpg Country Day School (an all boys school founded in 1917) and Mary Institute (an all girls school founded in 1854) merged into one school in 1992. The new school became known as MICDS.

Today the school has about 1,200 students ages 4-18.

Students study math, history, science, art (band, choir, visual arts, drama), physical education, as well as a foreign language (German, Latin, French, Spanish, Chinese).
Most students go on to college after graduation.

Most students starting at age 12 take part in a sport after school. Girls can play basketball, field hockey, lacrosse, swimming, volleyball, tennis, golf, cross-country, soccer, and track & field. Boys can play football, basketball, baseball, wrestling, ice hockey, water polo, tennis, golf, lacrosse, swimming, cross-country, soccer, and track & field.

The school mascot is the ram.

Junior High School No. 4, Gdynia, Poland

szkola.jpgThe school came into being as Primary School No. 7 in 1932.
It has been a junior high school since 1999.

Nowadays the school has 506 students aged 13/16.

Some classes do the expanded syllabuses of Polish and Drama, Maths & IT, languages (English + German) or Sports (volleyball, basketball, judo, football).

All the students study Maths, Physics, Chemistry, History, Social Studies, Polish, English, Geography, Biology, Music, Art, Craft, IT, R.E. (optional), do Dance and different sports.

There are also electives such as the school choir, Odyssey of the Mind groups and many others.

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Ohguno Junior High School, Tokyo, Japan

Einhardschule: Seligenstadt, Germany

Claret School of Quezon City: Quezon City, Philippines

Vonsild Sogneskole, Kolding, Denmark

Vonsild Sogneskole is a Public School with 375 students from 6 - 16 years of age (0 - 9th grade).
We are placed in the suburbs of Kolding, the 6th biggest city in Denmark,.
Everyone study Danish, maths and general sports. From 3rd grade the students study English and from 7th they study German. Music, art, history, sceince, geography, religion, cooking, wood work etc. are taught on different grades. We are inspired by the theory of different learningstyles - as described by Dunn & Dunn.
The school´s logo is a burning oil lamp.vonsild_logo.jpg