Name/email: Franziska Wondrak/
School: Einhardschule Seligenstadt
Age: 14

1) How does your community (school, town, country) select to remember World War II? Examples: holidays, memorials, songs, movies, books…

On the cemetry in my hometown there is a commemorative plaque.
There are books about the World War II, for example Malka Mai or Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank.
In Berlin you can find a lot of memorials and museums about the World War II.

2) Do you know of anyone who was involved in some aspect of the World War II? If so, what is their connection? If possible, can you send a picture?

My great-great-uncle had lost one leg and one eye in World War II. His wife’s brother died. My grand-mother’s father also died in World War II. My grand-parents were children during the World War II.