School: Einhardschule Seligenstadt_
Age: 13_
Country: Germany

1) How does your community (school, town, country) select to remember World War II? Examples: holidays, memorials, songs, movies, books…

We get detailed information about world war2 in history lessons at school.
2. We are going to read the diarys of Anne Frank in our German lessons at school.
3. In our town there is a memorial where the Jewish synagoge was.
4. We have several museums reminding of world war2 all over Germany.
5. They often show films on TV about that period.

2) Do you know of anyone who was involved in some aspect of the World War II? If so, what is their connection? If possible, can you send a picture?

My grand-grandfather was a marine officer and was in the war kept prisoner in Russia. As he was a higher officer they treated him all right. He came home short after the war ended.
two of my father’s uncles also were kept prisoners in Russia in the war, but they were able to return home before the war ended, too.

3) Is there anything else you would like to add?

When I was in England (Torbay) on a language journey one of the guys from my class got into a fight with some English boys, because of the memories of their grand- and grand-grand parents of world war2. The grandparents told them horrible stories about the war and the German soldiers.