Name/email: Charlène Lamoure
School: Einhardschule Seligenstadt
Age: 13 years old
Country: Germany

1) How does your community (school, town, country) select to remember World War II? Examples: holidays, memorials, songs, movies, books…

At school we talk about World War II in history. Sometimes we read at the same time books (Anne Frank's Diary), watch films and make posters about it. We don't have any extra holidays. On TV there are many reports about Jews. On some anniversaries, our Chancellor (Angela Merkel) puts some flowers in Berlin and makes a speech.

2) Do you know of anyone who was involved in some aspect of the World War II? If so, what is their connection? If possible, can you send a picture?

No, unfortunately I don't know anybody.

3) Is there anything else you would like to add?

No, nothing.